Welcome! Willkommen! आपकास्वागतहै! 歡迎!! !!ترحيب Accueil! 歓迎!! Bienvenidos! Karşılama!

The 2020 Celebration of Nations Organizing Committee is currently seeking culturally-diverse vendors to complement their growing Mid-Missouri tribute to the USA and every other country around the globe. This multi-cultural family event will take place from 12 – 4 pm on Saturday, September 26, 2020, in Rolla, Missouri.

Culturally diverse artisans, caterers, and exhibitors who represent the best of what the US and other countries have to offer are invited to secure their booth for this years event. More than 4,000 attendees have grown to expect delicious fare, beautiful handicrafts, and a myriad of activities designed to inspire, empower and educate. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that it meets with our goals of a multi-cultural family friendly event.

If you are interested in applying to be a vendor, please contact Amy Gillman at gillman@mst.edu for more information.