On-the-day contests


While in the parade, the floats and walking participants will be judged by distinguished members of the Missouri S&T and Rolla community.  They will use the following 5 categories and criteria for judging:

  • Most Visually Appealing:  Creative and attractive use of materials, props and costumes
  • Country Ambassador:  Participants & Flag bearers show total pride in walking on behalf of their country
  • Best Traditional Representation:  Traditional clothing used by participants, walking participants or floats represent ethnic heritage
  • Best Spirit:  Participants show great enthusiasm, joy to participate in the event. Good natured!

Instructions to judges: We would recommend that the judges view the parade from a location on Pine street. The parade will come down Rolla street to 7th Street and then to Pine, turning right on 9th street to arrive at the band shell. We have four categories of prizes for the parade.

Judging is fairly easy, we’ll have score sheets on clipboards ready for you to pick up at the information booth between 10:30-10:45 am. We would ask that you return your comments to the information booth after the parade so that we can collate the responses from all the judges and determine the winners in each category.


As you set up your booths for the event, keep in mind that you can also win an award in one of the following categories:  

  • Most creative: hand-made items, visually appealing and innovative booth
  • Most educational: qualify of information provided & quality of exhibit
  • Most environmental: environment friendly practices, minimal amount of trash/waste
  • Good neighbor: excellent group dynamics, family friendly (the group you’d like to be placed next to!)

Exhibition awards are for student organizations only.  Judges receive a list of all student exhibitions on a clipboard and are sent forth to judge! 

Celebrate Talent

Celebrate Talent, formerly known as International Idol, a traditional part of Celebration of Nations, will once again take place at the festival grounds. Got talent? Auditions are scheduled for September 1st and 8th, 2016. For more details and to sign up, e-mail us and check back the Celebrate Talent page for updates.

Celebrate Talent 2016 categories:

  • Best Small Group Performance (Group Size 2-4)
  • Best Large Group Performance (Group Size 5 or more)
  • Best Individual Performance
  • Best American Performance
  • Best International Performance
  • Best Under Sixteen

Photo and video contest

Celebration of Nations invites all shutterbugs to participate in our annual photo contest! There are two categories of prizes: Parade & Exhibition.

  • 1st prize in each category - $75 gift card
  • 2nd prize in each category - $50 gift card
  • 3rd prize in each category - $25 gift card

Photographers are invited to submit high resolution photographs of activities from the 6th annual Celebration of Nations event, Sept 26th.

Images should be at least 300 dpi or 5 megapixels. Attach the photo in an email titled, “photo contest”. Winning photos will capture one of the following attributes: Community pride, sharing of culture, celebration of our diversity.

Deadline for submission: midnight on October 19, 2015.

All submitted photos will be considered for use in publicity materials; winning photos will be showcased in an exhibit in conjunction with International Education Week, November 16-20th.